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Julián Torres

Why Listing Your Home At SkyHigh Properties is Smart

Because with our satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and it will save you thousands of dollars without sacrificing first-class service nor the results you expect and deserve. How do we accomplish this? Simple.

1. Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our listing agreement will have explicit language allowing you to cancel the listing at any time (as long we haven’t engaged a buyer already, of course)… no questions asked, and no hard feelings. For what it’s worth, I don’t know of any other local realtor that is willing to do this.
2. By maintaining low company overhead; i.e we do not have brick and mortar offices that carry a mortgage, need maintaining nor support staff.
3. By capitalizing on and maximizing the available technology to our and your advantage
4. By committing to efficient (and environmentally-friendly) business practices
5. We are independently-owned and operated; i.e no franchise fees or royalties to pay out.

The truth is none of this is proprietary but it is revolutionary for this industry. All agents and brokerages have the ability to follow our footsteps. Technology has leveled the playing field and there’s really not much that one broker can offer that another broker can’t.

We will advocate on your behalf with exclusive representation for a reasonable listing fee while still offering a competitive cooperative split to any licensed Realtor.

Finally, when your purchase needs the utmost confidentiality we can structure the purchase to protect your identity. Commercial transactions, celebrity purchases, or assemblage of multiple properties are all good reasons to hire a broker that doesn’t share an office with multiple agents and support staff, nor is required, by law, to share information with a superior broker. Discretion is invaluable

At SkyHigh Properties, we are committed to redefining and revolutionizing the real estate industry without sacrificing service nor the results you expect and deserve. Want to be a part of our journey? Please contact us for details and give us the opportunity to work smart on your behalf!